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The Mountains cannot be passed. They are the Grand Poes. The Great Rending cleaved the land in two with them many ages ago. Everyone on this side of the Mountains have been trying to get to the other side of them ever since. Damn kings, starting that stupid Academy… waste of lives… There’s probably nothing but void on the other side, anyway. Damn over sized rocks are just there to fill us with despair, and remind us of our weakness and helplessness. Should’ve never gone…everyone dead! The wolves ate them all. The wolves, man… THE WOLVES…the WOLVESZAAaaAAaaaaa……..!!!! ……

-Ramblings of a Mad Drunk

One Thousand years have passed since the Great Rending split the world asunder, and gave birth to the beastly mountains known as the Grand Poes. No one knows what caused the Great Rending, but three things are certain: no one has ever been able to pass the mountains, no one has ever seen the tops, and no one can look upon them for long before their vision blurs, and their heart sinks into their stomachs. They stretch the entire length of the known world from East to West, completely blocking access to the north.

Carved out of the deep dark forests, several miles before the foothills of the mountains, nestled near one of the great rivers, lay a frontier outpost called Gamble. It started as an Academy, built by decree of the King of Capitol city 200 years ago. The Last Academy was built to produce elite individuals with the skills and tenacity necessary to explore the deadly Poes, solve their mystery, and live to tell the tale. So far, the Last Academy has ultimately produced either raving lunatics, or dead exploration parties.

Still, those who graduate the Academy live privileged, if short lives. The Entrepreneurs are treated with respect and deference wherever they go. However, two things are always expected of them. They must obey the Master of the Academy (and by extension the King himself), and they must conquer the Poes…

Home Page

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