The Entrepreneurs

Day Four

Day Four

as the fighting screeching gets louder and closer the kolbolds become increasingly alert, and quickly ignore Silimas entrance in their village. screaming and combat begin rapidly, Tsukiume rushes to the southern clutch of eggs, Varren to the East, silima disappears in the combat, Tyrea is the first to see one of the mystery-creatures. it is revealed to be an small bipedal blue reptile with a gaping maw and no claws, as it attacks Tyrea shoots an arrow rapidly and kills the first of the strange creatures. nobody knows what these creatures are, however the kolbolds seem prepared for them.
as various traps spring and a pair of the mysterious creatures die attempting to raid the kolbold-eggs the adventurers are minor support in the defense. after a few moments however, the screeching falls away and the monsters disappear. the kolbolds return to their watch and generally start to relax with the experience that the monsters do not return after leaving so quickly.
After the battle one of the sentry’s start to yell “BILL! BILL! There is a strange human here!” at the alarm Bill, Tsukiume, Silima and Varren head over to the sentry to discover that another of the academy have been mysteriously transported to the village, this time Ayazhei Ta’Mesa an archivist which is well-known by the adventurers. Having been transported earlier and hearing the sounds of battle, made his way cautiously to the town alone (falling into a few traps along the way) and is wanting to help after hearing the events that have unfolded.

day Four


I am sorry I was too sick to show up for this session in person. however, the skype-experience was revealing… and needed.
What are these Small-sized Large-mouthed blue bipedal creatures with no claws that scream loudly… and use a dimension-traveling ability… is there another reason they’re attacking the village other than food?
Where did the Chief go… did they take him to another dimension!? or perhaps he is their master…
What will we find in the chiefs home…
How much does Bill/myra know of the contents of the chiefs home… would they notice something missing…
How much are we able to get paid for this? $$$

“Find out next time on Digimon, Digital Monsters!”

Day Four
KyleS Snafusam

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