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Mountians so large, your vision blurs when you try and focus on them , can’t see the top!
So uncounted colossal+ mountains that they are generally regarded as a single mountain.

Long Deep Dark Forests, which cause difficult travel with few roads woven through its depths.

“Gamble Town” is a Frontier outpost centered around a Large Freebooter academy (being trained to concour the mountians) freebooters = ontrep = adventurer
School ranks Initiate >Adept > Advanced >Ontrep
Tests are given by the academy to become “ontreps” ontreps are allowed to get horses/other, Free room/board, Storage, access to purchasing equipment, Social standing.

A strange hidden village is learned of, the ‘kolbold’ species are travelers from another plane. they left their original plane to escape the stereotype which had begun to cripple their clan.

Main Page

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