The Entrepreneurs

Day Three

as we continue on, we arrive within view of the village, light-less and dark it is a cautioning view. we enter slowly with great caution, prepaired for a fight…

Entering the Village

Immediatly visable is the wrecked buildings, claw marks and blood on the walls.
As we travel slowly into the village we have to stop and shock Myra out of her terror so that she could answer where the village would gather should such a tragedy occur. with the center of the town as our current destination we move ever-slowly. Talmarth slips away from the group and follows from the other sides of the buildings.
AHH~ Tsukiume and Varren slip instantly into a pit-fall with a loud crash, after climbing out, suprised by the fact there is a trap at all the adventurers ask Myra if this is a common defence? which she points out pit falls are not a common defense by any village unless in the most dangerous of events. aware and cautious, we fall pray to no more traps, the traps themselves give hope to myra that her people remain.
Still moving slowly towards the center of town, a bolt shoots at the group through a nearby barrier!
Voices speak in draconian from within a barrier. Myra steps forward yelling “stop, stop it’s me!” the voices cautiously acknowledge her, and ask who else goes there, after explaining who the adventurers are we are allowed into the center of the town which was mostly tunneled out of the very thick underbrush, in the center of the town the main building identified as “the chiefs hut” was strangely the top of an ancient elven tower.
we are introduced to Myra’s brother Bill and have an conversation which continues for hours due to the common need to translate. the conversation reveals many facts known obviously to the players, <insert>, are allowed access to the chiefs hut if we do so respectfully.
Tsukiume asks for a small hut for the group so as she may place her pack, and donates her spells of ‘create/purify food/water’ for dinner earning some of the villages gratitude.
within each of the huts there is a small clutch of eggs.
with dinner over and the day ending we bed down for the night. accepting the kolbolds provided hut and relying on their sentries.

In the dead of night

at the end of the night, we hear a loud scream and a crash through the tree-canopy, the kolbolds burst up to gaurd their eggs. the team, Tsukiume clad in her blood-stained pajamas grabs only her shield and heavy-mace, awakens and rushes over to discover the crash was caused by a Female Djinni who had for some reason crashed through the forest canopy into the kolbold village.
Tsukiume and Varren recognize silima, while Varren rushes in-between Silima and the kolbolds, Tsukiume yells (in dragonic) “STOP!” the kolbolds stop immediately because of the loud command and Bill asks “why, what is this!” Tsukiume states “this is Silima a friend and magic-accident prone wizard who is known for blowing up her own room.” the shocked kolbolds calm down though still near-speechless at the awkward and strange appearance, but then… a loud screeching fills the canopy… Bill looks at the strange group and says “this is how it begins”.

day Four


How does Content Not Found: myra_ have a “brother” if their species are egg-based? :P
What was Content Not Found: silima_ trying to cast and how did it turn into a trans-porting spell?
What are these mysterious creatures which attack the village…
Why must
Content Not Found: Tsukiume
keep having these fights in her pajamas instead of her fancy armor! (she takes off her armor during night.)
Where did the Chief go… and what will we find in his home…
What was the rest of the team doing when silima crashed into the town…
How much are we able to get paid for this? $$$

Day Three

All very good questions. :)

Day Three
KyleS Snafusam

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