The Entrepreneurs

Quick Adventure Recap

Recap important events from start to present

Our heroes (the “Ontreps”) trained for years at the Last Academy in the frontier town of Gamble, in the forest foothills of the menacing Grand Po mountains. They get in some trouble at the local inn shortly after completing the last days of their training, and are sent on a mission of atonement (by the Judge and Master of the Academy, who also placed them under a Quest spell) to save a local halfling village from a local beast menace. On the way to the town they encounter some wolves, goblin raiders, and a double-headed, toll taking bridge giant. Before arriving at the halfling village, their emissary, the halfling sorceress Myra, from the village is actually revealed to be a small, strange, lizard-like humanoid female in disguise, a race unheard of in this world. Myra is apologetic of the deception, and explains her people aren’t halfling, but are actually called “kobolds” and that her clan was brought here from another world by their Chief to escape persecution and make a new life for themselves. She also explains that their powerful Chief is missing, and without his protection her people are being decimated by mysterious, ghost-like beasts. Getting desperate, she left the village in the care of her brother, Bill, and sought help from the outside. Our heroes decide to continue the journey and to help Myra and her people in good will, despite the deception and the quest spell. The Ontreps arrive within a day at the now ruined and besieged lizard people’s village deep in the mountain forest wilderness and are met with pit traps and suspicion from the few remaining kobolds, and Bill. Shortly after the beasts attack the village again, and the Ontreps help defend, gaining the complete trust of the little lizard folk. The Ontreps search the Chief’s hut at the center of the village (which appears to be the top spire of an ancient elven tower rising from the ground) and find a hidden staircase with the press of a floor switch. Having no way of knowing if this will help their search for the Chief, yet having no better course of action, they descend the dark, spiral stairway…


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