The Entrepreneurs

Finally into the dark

With the Kobold Chief gone missing, his hut (which was the top spire of an ancient stone elfin tower) is now the last clue to his whereabouts. Having no other course of action, the Ontreps search the inside, finding a hidden spiral staircase in the center of the floor. They descend…

Floor B1

To their surprise, they find the floor below to be a brightly lit, and orderly wizards’ lab, complete with an alchemists table, magical items crafting and potion brewing equipment, shelves and tables full of spell components, scribing materials, and shelves full of books. After borrowing a few of these items, the Ontreps decide to move on.

Floor B2

Moving down the stairs, they come upon the landing to a much darker and ruined kitchen and find that the stairs further down are collapsed and impassable. Its once great wooden cupboards collapsed and rotted with age, its stone walls bematted with moss and slime from the damp. The floor is ankle deep with water from a wall wash basin fountain that wasn’t switched off. (to be finished later…)


KyleS KyleS

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