The Entrepreneurs

Day Two

Revealing the Truth

we were attempting to figure out what Myra was hiding from our group during her ‘pit stops’. upon tracking her during her ‘pit stop’ Varren discovered the truth, Myra was not a halfling but a lizard-like humanoid creature (kolbold) [not native to the world]!
Myra tells us that Her village is not the halfling village however a village of her own kind and that she does not know what the mysterious attackers are simply that they dissapear and re-appear randomly. the reason We have been able to survive so long is because of our grandfathers barriers/wards, however He dissapeared a few months ago because of this our village has begun falling apart. She has tried keeping up her villages barriers however, has not succeeded well. I might have the power to end your ‘quest’ spell if you do not wish to help us.
Tsukiume asks ‘how she was disguising herself to appear as an halfling’ and myra reveals that her kind have some magical nature and she used “alter self” with an disguise to get the help of the academy. at which Tsukiume is glad to help any species with a magical touch. Varren notes that the only thing waiting for them at the academy is death. Talmarth is quite dissapointed that she was not the extra-hot halfling that she appeared to be. Tyrea remainded silent through the exchange however seemed accepting with the decision.
an while later
later that evening Tsukiume takes a chance to speak with myra privately about the ‘quest’ spell which binds them and the inconvenient risks which the spell poses to them, after a small discussion myra agrees and releases the possible hero-villian group from their quest spell.

the night

We continue a ways and then set up camp using, spells of healing to fully restore us all before sleeping (Tsukiume takes off her armor). we all agree to take turns watching for intruders and awaken on the first watch to the nearby howling of wolves in the deep night. the fire has fallen to embers. Tsukiume rushes out of her tent in her pajamas with mace and shield in hand and begins to feed the fire to discourage the wolves from approaching(too late).
Suddenly, we hear the wolves slowly stalking around the camp, their eyes glowing in the dark forest.
They strike first, Varren takes a bite the to back of the leg.
a wolf leaps straight at Myra, only to be struck by an ‘magic missile’.
Tsukiume abandons the campfire and uses her magic scroll to cast ‘dancing lights’ creating four balls of light in the area illuminating the campsite.
Varren strikes back at the wolf slicing a piece out of its snout.
a wolf barrels through Tsukiumes tent (much to her fury), She attempts to strike it and misses horribly, a bite at Her side causes blood to seep onto her expensive pajamas.
Myra blasts out another ‘magic missle’ into the neck of a nearby wolf.
Varren strikes at a turning wolf injuring it.
Talmarth stabs the heart of the wolf wrapped in tsukiumes tent killing it instantly.
Tsukiume leaps over the campfire getting a small bite from a wolf and brains it hardly with her heavy mace. at which point it turns and runs.
We re-create the fire and continue the watch over the night.

as morning rises

Varren inspects the area and notes that our ‘campsite’ is in the wolves territory.
not wanting to bother the wolves any more than needed, We attempt swiftly tredge out of the area.


while on our trek onword we are ambushed by Goblins (filthy little yellow humanoids)
Talmarth leaps into action quickly striking at the nearest goblin
Tyrea pulls out her bow quickly and fires at a goblin comming up from behind.
a goblin rushs in from the side swinging his club wildly. the goblin shot by Tyrea turns and runs. the goblin swinging his club misses talmarth
Tsukiume drops her pack and swings at a nearby goblin missing.
a small thunk above our heads, reveals a pair of goblins farther ahead attempting to sling stones at us, and missing horribly.
Myra points her finger at one of the ahead goblins and a Thin ray of white cold power ‘ray of frost’
one of the goblins stepped forward and attempted to attack talmarth with a club only to miss horribly.
Varren quickly dashes up the trunk of a tree and leaps at a goblin just inside of the brush.
Tyrea shoots again and hits true an arrow pierces out of a goblins small side.
The goblin right in front of Talmarth grabs his club with both hands and brains him right on the side of the head.
Tsukiume swings her heavy mace and hits nothing
a goblin swings at Tyrea only to miss badly
Varren places his swords on top of each-other and scissors off a goblins head!
Talmarth slashes at the goblin in front of him again cutting lines on the goblins skin.
Tyrea drops her longbow and draws her longsword, swinging at a nearby goblin only to shallowly miss.
the goblins ahead of the group continue slinging stones a hit knocks myra on the head
Tsukiume swings again at the goblin in front of talmarth braining the goblin.
Myra shoots another ‘ray of frost’ at the goblins ahead giving it a deep chill.
Varren moves up to one of the ahead goblins and slices off an arm followed by its head!
the goblin attacking tyrea turns around and flees from the group of adventurers.
Talmarth slips into the forest and rushes to the other goblin which was slinging stones and Garrotes it! instantly, it drops to the ground.
with all the goblins dead the group prepairs to continue on the trail but stop for a moment watching as Talmarth hangs a goblin corpse on a tree. as a warning to other goblins.

Day Three


KyleS Snafusam

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