The Entrepreneurs

Day One


Log kept by Tsukiume


01/08/1028, (A millenium after the Great Rending

After an acceptably enjoyable bar-brawl with no death, I was prepared for a night in prison, if disgusted by the rags we were provided as bedding, however while talking with the gaurd is greatly surprised to learn that the initiates, who were also in the brawl, had been killed immediately after we had been arrested. How did the initiates die while the guards were there? Who killed them? Why were we made to look as the killers? If the academy/town has been infiltrated why would they frame us? What is their plan?… too many questions and not enough answers…

In the morning We were brought before the Judge, A wise old man, He was confident and fair for His position. He required of us to accept a quest to rescue a nearby town from danger, its mysterious attacker is unknown, for pardon of the charge of murder in the bar and prove ourselves well-intentioned, my response was that “Upon success I demand to be allowed to find the one who framed us and claim justice for our fallen initiates and that i be allowed to continue my schooling afterwords.” at such point my less-than-worthy classmates began muttering amongst themselves (In a room of the court none-the-less!), I silently retorted for them to be silent, only to hear the judge hammering for order after which he accepted my just demand and sent us on our way. Be warned whoever-framed Me, I shall find you…

After accepting a quest spell from the Master’s familiar cat we were introduced to the stunningly beautiful Halfling female Myra who was to be our guide to the the Halfling village almost a day’s travel south. we had our bags prepared swiftly and began on our quest thus so. it is a shame that this small town has such difficulties with horse-raising I dislike having to carry this heavy bag myself through this forest though it is unquestionably worth it.

searching for the scout

Most strange Our guide began traveling east, away from both the Academy and the Halfling village, Talmarth asks why and she informs us that we need to retrieve her scout ally which went this way before we can travel to the halfling village.

Meeting the Ettin

After a distance we heard a sound, which turned out to be strange language, silently we approached cautiously, to learn what it was in the forest so near our town, there it was the source of the noise a giant with TWO HEADS! they were speaking to each other(what a strange creature to have a conversation with itself!).
I attempted to silently place my pack down, however, one of my cooking pots made a loud “ding” on a rock as I set it down alerting the Ettin to my presence it instantly called out “Who goes there! come out!”
I stepped out of the bush quickly so that I could direct the creatures attention “Who calls, for I am here!” I replied loudly. As I stepped out from the bush I was able to clearly see that this giant was standing on a crudely made bridge across a channel of water no more than 40 feet across and carrying a pair of broken-tree branches as clubs! though I am confident that the water has nothing dangerous in it, I would greatly like to avoid getting my precious clothes in the murky water.
The Ettin announced “This is my bridge, those who want to cross have to pay gold!”
Because this creature is so near the town We should not leave it as-is if He is willing to travel and make trouble. While lifting My heavy mace to point at Him, I proclaim “You will leave this area or I will pay you with steel!” with previous experience I know that to my left Talmarth is hiding in the brush, the cowardly rogue, and to my right Tyrea is likely prepairing for one of her favored ranged assaults. though I stand in front of this creature with courage, those clubs will still hurt greatly, it will be wise not to be hit.
The Two-headed giant retorts loudly “This is my bridge, those who want to cross have to pay all their gold!” seeing only that Tsukiume was close to His bridge.
Varren steps out and chips in “which of your two heads do we have to pay?” The Giants Two heads look at each other utterly confounded by the question. Tsukiume has to hold back a laugh greatly amused by the two heads confusion.
The Two-headed giant Repeats himself “This is my bridge, those who want to cross have to pay gold!”
Varren retorts “which head do we have to pay?” causing the ettin another bout confusion

the ettin is a Giant with two heads. not known for their intelligence

Fighting the Ettin

A sudden shaking of branches occur as Talmarth begins climbing a tree, the ettin yells “Come out! i know your there!”
Out of the brush flies Tyreas arrow shooting true and lands deep in the giants chest (quite painful to see for the prideful Tsukiume)
Tsukiume takes a step back under the tall brush so that when the ettin steps forward His vision will be impaired by the tall bush and she will be free to strike without impairment. and shouts at the gaint “Come at The!”
The Ettin Charges forward and just as planned both of his clubs miss (if bearly) with great resounding “THUD THUD”.
Varrendashes back into the brush with the desire to protect Myra from any potential danger. seeing his cowardice Tsukiume demands at him “retrieve My bag, as You are not fighting.” which He does.
Talmarth dashing forward in an attempt to tumble under the ettin legs only succeeds in finding his face introduced the the ‘handle’ of the giants club! though stabbing the ettin in the leg.
Tyrea rolls behind Tsukiume and shoots an arrow over her shoulder into the giants chest again. causing a loud howl of pain from the ettin.
Tsukiume Charges forward and Strikes out with her heavy mace only to have it bounce off the giants large body.
The ettins first club lands a heavy blow to Tsukiumes left side. and the second landing just in front of her which allows her to get a satisfying ‘wack’ in on the creatures arm.
Myra comments to varren that we appear to be out-matched and shouldn’t fight.
Varren having made sure Myra is safe descides to take a closer look at the waters edge.
Talmarth gets up and retreats swiftly into the brush so that the world will stop spinning around him.
Tyrea ducks back into the brush to Tsukiumes right and continues shooting arrows at the giant to no avail.
Tsukiume Stepping farther back into the brush to attempt avoiding another strike of the giants dangerous clubs and healing herself with a gift of healing (cure light wounds) from her diety Mystra.
Varren having learned that the water is safe, the old farmer, rushes across the water (gaining no attention from the gaint) revealing the the rest of the group that the water is shallow (for humans anyways) only two-feet deep at best. (giant obviously ain’t that bright.)
Talmarth seeing Tsukiume back into the brush and knowing her healing spells potential descides to meet up with her just inside the brush.
Tyrea Continues shooting arrows with mixed results.
Tsukiume seeing Talmarths bloody face channels again a healing gift (cure moderate wounds) to restore talmarths injury.
The ettin steps forward to the edge of his bridge and Strikes again at Tsukiume only to have his first club fly out of his hands and clear into the forest. the second club bludgeoning Tsukiume for a second time on the left side.
Varren now across the river varren steps on to the bridge and yelling “Hey Gaint! I’m on Your bridge!”
Talmarth Throw’s his dagger at the giant with no effect.
Tyrea Continues shooting arrows with mixed results.
Tsukiume ducks back farther into the brush too injured to take another hit from the tree-branch clubs
The ettin Turns around and charges at Varren (one head keeps looking backwards) and strikes with his remaining club slapping varren hardly.
Varren steps back into the brush on the other side of the river to escape the Giants large club
Talmarth leaps into the water (which due to his small size is up to his chest), and begins to wade across, throwing daggers all the while.
Tyrea Continues shooting arrows with mixed results.
Tsukiume notices that the ettin has not left his bridge the entire fight and seems only concerned with Gaurding it… turns rushes into the water, (cursing this two headed oaf for causing her clothes to get dirty) calling for Varren to pass Her one of the Silk ropes which was hanging from the side of her pack.
The ettin, with nobody now trying to get on his bridge, reaches up grabs a tree branch rips it off, breaks it in half, and Throws it at Tyrea who dexterously ducks the destructive drubbery.
Varren moves over to the water-line and throws the silken rope over to Tsukiume realizing instantly her plan.
Talmarth throw’s a ‘tanglefoot bag’ at the ettins leg only to have it slop over one leg and have obvious effect.
Tyrea knowing now that the water is not very deep, rushes across the water and tries to shoot, only to have her bow slip out of his hands and fall into the murky water! (wouldn’t a bow float?) and begins searching for his it. (inactive rest of fight)
Tsukiume attempts throwing the silk rope over the bridge to Talmarth, however doesn’t have the strength needed to get it over the bridge only to stare furiously at the rope as it slides back into the river at her feet.
The ettin rips off another tree branch and throws it to no avail
Varren realizes Tsukiume doesn’t have the strength and rushes over. gives Tsukiume the end of the rope and Throw’s the rope over the bridge.
Talmarth grabs the end of the rope which was thrown to him and begins to run to the shore realizing also that the plan is to wrap the rope around the giants legs and trip Him.
Tsukiume Rushes on the the land right after Talmarth elated to see that the rope is successfully around the giants legs.
The giant Rips off another branch and this time keeps it in his hand as a replacement club
Varren walks onto the other side of the bank getting ready to leap onto the gaints heads when he trips over.
Talmarth and Tsukiume Pull the rope taut, bracing themselves for the giant to trip.
The giant now seeing that nobody is trying to get on his bridge (oblivious to the rope) walks to the center of his bridge each head watching the sides of his bridge.
The majority of the party is caught between Despair and Laughter as Talmarth is slowly Dragged by the oblivious two-headed giant.
Tsukiume tells Talmarth to release His rope and begins to reel it in to Herself, declaring that the fight is over. Tyrea reclaims her bow having realized that this ettin has no intention of traveling away from His “bridge” and deciding We are a sufficient distance from town that He will not injure anybody. there is no reason to continue fighting a creature of such great challenge. after crossing the murky water again (CURSE THIS GIANT!). and rejoining Myra

search continues

As we continue to search for the missing scout Myras “pit stops” become unusually common.
Tsukiume says to Tyrea and Varren Follow Myra and check what She’s “really” doing.

Day End- continue Day two


You know, I’d already had half of the adventure log written, and intended to finish it today, but you did your own before me. rofl Well done :D

I’m going to add in a detail or two, but for the most part you got it bang on. Thanks man!

Also, I’m going to add the in-game date to the top, just so you guys have an idea what the calendar is like.

Day One
KyleS Snafusam

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